About Us


ICONZ is a cottage industry that started some sixteen years ago at a fun fancy dress party, using aluminum stars and moons to decorate costumes, tables and walls. In the aftermath of the party, there had to be a use for all those painfully cut out stars. So a pile of charity greeting cards were created. And the rest as they say is history….

From originally only making greetings cards, our range exceeding some 250 card designs, we started introducing other stationery items like notebooks and journals. When we added our unique collages to our collection, that’s when things really took off. They allowed for more creativity, and individuality as well as setting ICONZ apart in the market. They also opened a whole new market for us…. The visitors and tourists loved it all.

Each year, we exhibit at national and international trade shows; meeting again with all our old clients and making many new ones. Our products are sold in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Middle East. We can boast some famous clients like Embassies, Universities, Leading Zoos, Aquariums, Game Reserves, and Big Franchisers.


ICONZ art designs all start as a concept on paper, worked and reworked until they meet our high standard of innovation and quality. The designs are then made into plates and from there to print and press. 

We have appreciative female workers, hand-cutting each design. Every spiral, zigzag of copper or brass is individually hand crafted, and every bead is patiently threaded to create the authentic and special handmade effect of our work.


ICONZ designs are visualized by our artist, Leslie, working from her home studio in Cape Town. Leslie studied Fine Art and for her, creativity and colour is what life is all about. They travel extensively, always finding new inspiration both in Africa and abroad. On their travels they gather ethnics, papers and beads to adorn the next range of colourful collages.
Gerald handles the business side of ICONZ, from merchandising, buying and selling, to new clients, and seeing to your personal order. From Marketing to Finance, with extensive experience in other entrepreneurial industries, he controls all our stock and keeps production rolling. Gerald sees to queries and sorts out any problems.
Almost all of ICONZ work is done as piece work by woman in their own homes, although each piece is individually checked and signed by Leslie.